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Pathway 3

This pathway seeks to make GEO technologies more meaningful for Indigenous youth and young adults. This pathway recognized how Covid-19 has highlighted and heightened the urgent need for digital inclusion and the need for rapid reskilling or upskilling opportunities in the workplace. The objective is not just to train GEO skills but to make curriculum useful to Indigenous communities. It promotes the preparation of Indigenous youth for productive, rewarding careers that support the Alliance’s mission, providing meaningful opportunities for them to collaborate with cutting edge GEO related activities. 


  • Indigenous youth consider education and careers pathways in disciplines that support the Alliance’s mission

  • GEO Indigenous Alliance and partner institutions leverage assets to provide students with experiential learning, research and scholarship opportunities 

  • Indigenous students, pursue and complete degrees in disciplines critical to the Alliance’s mission 

  • Graduates completing degrees and/ or training in fields utilizing GEO technologies, enter workforce and advance careers that support the Alliance’s mission 


  • Support careers exploration programs and education resources that target Indigenous youth and young adults

  • Build a repository of scholarships, fellowship, internships and training opportunities that promote experiential learning 

  • Collaborate with academic partners to align student’s preparation with GEO’s scientific and workforce needs 

  • Strengthen the links between education initiatives and career pathways at GEO and related organizations with emphasis on high-need career fields 

Indigenous GEO workforce: Programs
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